Mirror Aftercare

    Unpacking your new mirror
    • Please be careful when unpacking your new mirror. Our mirrors can be heavy and are fragile. The labelled side of the packaging is the front of the mirror.
    • When taking the final cover of bubble wrap off please do so gently, avoid catching the leaded finish as in the rare occasion it could possibly pull away from the mirror.
    • Once you have taken your mirror out of the packaging please lay it down on a flat surface and do not store it upright prior to hanging.


    Hanging the mirror

    • Please ensure the wall you intend to hang your mirror on is flat, the wooden back of your mirror is as flat as can be with the screwheads. An uneven wall could overtime cause your mirror to bow/twist which could result in your mirror being damaged.
    • Our mirrors are only suitable to be hung indoors.
    • Only use the fixing brackets supplied with the mirror. Do no adjust the brackets or add anything to the hanging brackets.
    • We do not supply the fixings for your wall with our mirrors.
    • We recommend getting a trades person to hang your mirror if you are unsure on how to.
    • We recommend two people are needed to hang the mirror. (Especially if you have ordered a heavy and large mirror).


    Cleaning the mirror

    • When cleaning your mirror, please spray the cleaner onto a soft rag and not directly on to the mirror.
    • Gently clean the mirror whilst being careful not to go over the lead finish as this could result in the lead finish being scratched/mark and/or discoloured.
    • In tight areas where a rag might not be able to clean your mirror we recommend using a cotton bud.
    • We recommend using “Bohle Glass Cleaner” to clean your mirrors with.